Westwood Administration


Elaine Jeong is our office administrator. Contact her for

  • Rentals and bookings
  • Written Sunday announcements
  • General questions and information
  • Church directory

Phone: 780-434-5819
Elaine regularly checks the emails and phone messages, and she is also available in the Church Office on Tuesdays and Fridays (see Westwood Events Calendar to confirm current details).

Web administration

Melissa Hathaway is cooking the menus on our website. Email her for content updates, problems/ errors and any other web-related matters.

Email alias administration

To avoid spam and protect privacy, Westwood is using email addresses that are forwarded to individuals or groups.

To set up or change the recipient of a 'Westwood email' with the ending @westwoodunitarian.ca, please contact Melissa.

The e-mail sent to the @westwoodunitarian.ca address will simply be forwarded to your personal email address. If you have any problems with your Westwood email alias, please let Melissa know.

Browser support

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