Westwood Communications

Westwood-related news and events can be posted or found in:

  • Sunday Announcements (weekly; email to membership and Sunday Services print bulletin)
  • Events Calendar (continuously updated; online)
  • Website Home page and Participate area (updated weekly; online)
  • Newsletter "The Westwoodian" (monthly; online and by email to subscribers)

    • Direct connections among people from the congregation:

      • Westwood's Yahoo! group (email distribution list & online bulletin board)
      • Westwood on Facebook
      • Committee email aliases
      • Blog comments
      • Earth-centred Spirituality Google Group

      • Submitting Westwood Announcements, Meetings & Events

        To submit Sunday announcements, email Westwood's administrator at info@westwoodunitarian.ca. If you have an announcement to share, whenever possible, please send it into the office to be included in the Sunday print version. The deadline is Thursday at 9 am.

        Items emailed to newsletter@westwoodunitarian.ca by the 15th of each month appear in the following month's newsletter issue, the website (unless specified not to), and the Events Calendar.

        The Events Calendar is a comprehensive guide to all Westwood activities, including Sunday services, group activities, staff availability, deadlines, and regular committee meetings. Submit events, meetings, updates and corrections to web@westwoodunitarian.ca.

        Email web@westwoodunitarian.ca for content updates, problems, errors and any other website matters.

        Westwood's Yahoo! Group

        Westwood's Yahoo! group is an active group for discussions and announcements among Westwood members and friends. You need to subscribe in order to view and post items on the list.

        Where is it?

        A Yahoo group is an email list-serve and online bulletin board, hosted by Yahoo.com.
        Click here: Westwood Unitarian Yahoo! Group

        How do I join?

        You'll need a Yahoo identity to subscribe to this group. Your membership will need to be approved by the moderator.

        Click here to join WestwoodUnitarian
        Click to join
        the WestwoodUnitarian group.

        How do I keep up to date?

        You can receive automatic emails including new posts - either one email per post (individual) or one email with all the posts of the day (daily digest). You can also turn off email notifications and read the postings online.

        Email Aliases

        Westwood's email aliases are the set of email addresses ending in @westwoodunitarian.ca To avoid spam and protect privacy, Westwood is using email addresses that are forwarded to individuals or groups.

        How do I update an alias?

        To set up or change the recipient of a 'Westwood email' with the ending @westwoodunitarian.ca, send the names and email addresses to be added/removed to web@westwoodunitarian.ca. You can ask for confirmation of who the current recipients are on your committee's email address.

        How do aliases work?

        When you are set up with an alias, messages sent to your @westwoodunitarian.ca address will simply be forwarded to your personal email address. The address can forward to one person or a group.

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