Unitarian Campus Minister - University of Alberta

Unitarian Universalist Chaplain at the University of Alberta

Chaplain Anne Barker Joined U of A: September 2016


Rev. Anne Barker

Why I am a Chaplain at the U of A

Unitarian Universalists are diverse. We work to end racism and oppression in society and to make our communities inclusive for folks of all gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities and abilities. UUs come from many cultures and class backgrounds, and we bring many spiritual practices and beliefs to our communities.

I am excited to serve and grow communities that celebrate both the freedom & the responsibility of spiritual exploration & development. Together, we create the world we believe to be possible.

Current Focus at the U of A

Unitarian Universalism is a pluralistic liberal religion, welcoming people of all philosophical and spiritual perspectives into a community of good will and caring. UU’s often also identify as: Activist, Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Earth-Centred, Jewish, Humanist, LGBT, Mystical, Pagan, Spiritual, Queer, Theist or Non-theist … the list goes on ….

UU’s work for justice, equity and compassion in every context and appreciate the value of diversity in religious community. Bringing UU support, sustaining practices, and a message of peace and well-being to the University population is an exciting opportunity.

As an openly queer Chaplain, and someone used to bridging diverse communities, I hope to serve traditionally underserved populations – people who appreciate supportive community without the constraints of creeds or religious regulations. I’m eager and enthusiastic for a world where ‘difference’ is both safe and valued.

Other passions and interests

Relationships are number one. Friends and family, meeting new people, a good conversation over a good coffee. I also love to swim, read, write and do just about anything creative.

I’m queer, married, a mother, and also serve the Westwood Unitarian Congregation in Parkallen as part-time parish minister.