Westwood's Organizational Guide

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About the Organizational Guide

We maintain a collection of bylaws, policies, role descriptions and supporting documents on Google Docs. Each document has its own URL so you can link directly to a specific document.

This website has links directly to some of the high-use documents from the Organizational Guide collection, like the Service Leaders' Handbook.

Guide Administrator

Trudy is the administrator of the Organizational Guide. This means she is the "owner" of Westwood's collection of Google Docs. She can assign permission to view or edit any of the documents, and provide you with the link to the document should you need it.

Google Docs Help

Confused about how the Organizational Guide works? Baffled by how to edit a document? Trudy can help! Email her at orgguide@westwoodunitarian.ca.

But first, take a quick look at these brief Tech Tips that give the basics in bite-sized pieces: