Lean on Us, a tree in winter, leaning on fencepotThe Compassion Bank of Westwood, founded in 2014, is one way to realize Westwood’s Purpose as a compassionate community of free religious thought, inviting all people to rest, grow and serve the world.

As a shared ministry of the congregation, effective September 2014 the bank is open to all members & friends of Westwood.

Deposits & withdrawals are now welcome from Westwoodians willing to offer or receive a compassionate service with a member or friend at Westwood.

Offers of compassionate actions are recorded in the bank for future needs. Depositors will always be contacted first, to ensure you are currently able & willing to provide this service.

The Minister and Compassionate Connections Coordinator, as discreet bankers, will access the compassionate offerings on account, when requested by Westwoodians who could use compassionate support & comfort during troubling times.

Members & friends are encouraged to deposit or withdraw any of the following simple offers of compassion for future use.


Listeners. Folks willing to listen to a member or friend sort though a troubling issue or dilemma. e.g. someone contemplating a big change or decision.

Nourishers. Folks willing to prepare a soup or meal for member(s) or friend(s) in difficult circumstances. e.g. a family or individual suffering a loss or serious family illness.

Transporters. Folks willing to drive/accompany someone to an appointment or deliver nourishment. e.g. to a homebound Westwoodian going through trying times.

Visitors. Folks willing to visit a Westwoodian in hospital or a care facility or at home. e.g. bring news of Westwood & check-in for the well being of a member or friend.

Handihelps. Folks willing to help with a repair or provide advice to Westwoodians in an emergency.

Private & Confidential

Offers of compassionate action are held confidentially in the bank & shared only with permission among the parties concerned. As requests come in, folks with matching offers will be contacted & given the option of participating.

All compassionate interactions remain private unless agreed to otherwise by the parties concerned. This respects the privacy of a person needing assistance & honours the limits of a person providing care.

An exception to privacy & confidentiality between offerers & receivers is when abuse or harmful actions are involved or potential. In a case of imminent harm, the situation must be reported, for the safety of all involved.


The Minister & Compassionate Connections Coordinator are available to all Westwoodians as support to this on-going congregational program.

To place a deposit or request a withdrawal from the Compassion Bank, send your message to the Compassionate Connections Coordinator using the form below, or email compassion@westwoodunitarian.ca

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