Westwood's Sermon Archive

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Jack Allen
Credo Sunday (2005)

Susan Anderson
The Image of Divinity in Suicidal Persons (2007)

The Rev. Anne Barker
At the Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon on Evil (2007) pdf
At the Unitarian Church of Edmonton - Out of the Darkness (2009) pdf
Isaak Kornelsen Memorial: When we heard the news, our hearts broke open (2012) pdf

Unitarian Church of Edmonton - Conjuring Connection (2014) Video at YouTube

Hannah Barrington & Deidra Helmig
Jesus Christ Superstar: A Unitarian Look at Easter (2007)

Myra Bielby
When Rights Collide: Equality Rights vs. Freedom of Religion (2008)

Rev. Jane Bramadat
The moment when it seems most plain (2008)

Owen Brierley
Harmonious Chaos (2006)

Pamela Brierley
You Can Take the Girl Out of the Fundamentalism... (2008)

Sylvia Durham's
Memorial Service (2009)

Kevin Fitzgerald
Time, Talent, Treasure (2007)

Patricia Hartnagel
Alternative Strategies for Afghanistan: The Dialogue We've Never Had (2007)

Trudy Grienauer
Schoolteacher Thoreau (2010)
Stabilitas Loci: a spiritual geography of our own place (2012) pdf
Beginner's Mind and Compassion (2014) pdf

Deidra Helmig & Dean Chan
Slow Food (2007)

Reinie Heydemann
Can Spirituality be taught, bought or caught? (2006)
Sexuality and Spirituality (2006)
The Spirituality of Dying (2006)

Joanne Leung, Amnesty International
Amnesty International, Write for Rights Sunday (2012)

Jakalin MacGregor
Celebration of Mothering (2007)

Sara McEwan
I work for My Church - Don't We All? (2006)

Marguerite Robbins
Is Unitarian Universalism a Religion? (2006)
UU Principles: How Are They Part Of Our Lives? (2006)
Go 4 It (2007)
Nonviolence (2007)
Healthy Bereavement (2007)

Elaine Roberts & Christine Watts
Women, Words and Change (2007)

Social Justice Committee
Jack's Legacy - Remembering Jack Allen (2007)
Christine Watts Let's be the change (2008)

Lisa Stein
Can Science and Religion Co-exist? (2013)

Carl Ulrich
Memories from Selma, Alabama (2009)

Rev. Robert J. Wrigley
In Praise of Robert Latimer (1997)
How Black Is The Future of Our Press? (2000)
Prison - An Abolitionist's View (2001)
Equity (2008)
Take This Job (2008)

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