Westwood rallying at AB Legislature

Social Justice at Westwood happens...

  • Through the many individual efforts and causes of our members: The Westwood community is a means of networking and increasing exposure.
  • Through the Social Justice Committee, which encourages all to participate in advocacy, education or protest activities but may also act as a body essentially independent of the congregation in those activities.
  • Through major projects or causes that are approved by the congregation, after being researched and brought to vote by the Social Justice Committee.
  • Through Westwood's Social Justice Committee's membership in GEA.
  • Through our congregation's membership in the Canadian Unitarian Council, which researches, votes on, and puts forth position statements on many controversial or neglected social issues such as drug legalization, same sex marriage, aboriginal rights etc.

In addition, Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice (CUSJ) is a voluntary nationwide group, affiliated with but separate from the Canadian Unitarian Council, which applies Unitarian principles primarily through advocacy, lobbying, education etc.

"The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another." - Thomas Merton

Microloans - KIVA

The SJ committee is funding loans through Kiva, a micro-finance umbrella organization. The Kiva website presents details of small loan requests from all over the world. When one of our selected recipients has finished their loan, we reinvest the capital. Details of the individual projects are interesting and allow a direct understanding of the value of enabling people to help themselves.

Contact Westwood's Social Justice committee

Email us at

The Greater Edmonton Alliance (GEA)

Westwood's Social Justice Committee has become a member of GEA. The Social Justice Committee has compiled Answers to questions about GEA and why we have joined.

Members of Westwood's Social Justice Committee participated in the work of the GEA Food Team from 20 - 20..?? and currently work on the GEA Seniors Team (see ongoing activities)

Local Foods Pamphlet

Want to know where you can buy local foods in and around Edmonton? Check out this pamphlet produced in March 2010 by the Westwood Social Justice Committee. Set up for printing - you may have to rotate it to view it.

Winter Solstice Offertory

Every year in December the proceeds of the offertory of Westwood's Winter Solstice celebration go to an organization recommended by the Social Justice Committee and approved by the WW service committee.

In 2013, $2219.38 was contributed to HER (healthy, empowered, resilient), a pregnancy support program of Streetworks, a partner agency of Boyle Street Community Services.

The Edmonton Do Likewise Society, operators of The Neighbour Centre, a resource centre on Edmonton's south side, was selected to receive the offering gathered at the 2012 Winter Solstice Celebration.

The Social Justice Committee recommended the Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society as recipient of the Solstice offering 2011. The society supports Aboriginal children, youth and their families to develop spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. Thank you for your total offering of $2211.53 which has been presented to Bent Arrow.

The proceeds of the offertory on December 21, 2010 were given to Alberta Council of Women's Shelters.

Write for Rights

Coming again in December. See Upcoming Services in November for more information.

On December 2, 2012, we had a speaker from Amnesty International's University of Alberta chapter. Afterwards, we took part in Amnesty's Write for Rights Letter-writing Campaign. A big thank you to all supporters. We wrote a total of 65 letters... way to go!

If you miss the Westwood event you can write at home, too - just visit Amnesty's webpage and add your letter to the worldwide total!

December 10th is Human Rights Day.