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Lotta's 100th birthday

Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova was one of Canada's greatest humanitarians. She was founder of the Unitarian Service Committe (now USC).

In the 1940s to 1970s, Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova became one of Canada's most recognized public figures as she mobilized a whole generation of Canadians to reach out and help others in need. In a very real sense, she was instrumental in helping to shape the caring society that Canada has become.

Born in Prague on November 28, 1909, Dr. Hitschmanova came to Canada during World War II as a refugee. In 1945, she founded the organization to whose mission she would dedicate the rest of her life: the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada, or USC Canada, as it later became known.

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Rev. Westwood

The Reverend Arnold Farrow Westwood died on August 16, 2009, at age 88. He was the youngest son of Westwood Unitarian Congregation's namesake - The Reverend Horace Westwood.

Rev. Arnold Westwood visited Edmonton and was very supportive of the efforts of the Westwood Congregation. Our condolences to Rev. Westwood's family.

We remember ...

UCE member Gilbert Bouchard passed in April 2009 and will be greatly missed.

A memorial service was held for Jack Allen in July 2007 at the Unitarian Church of Edmonton. See Jack's Credo and some notes from the Westwood Social Justice service on Jack's Legacy.

There are 5 sound files from the service:

The very end of the audio is cut off - Jack's final rule for living was "help when you see a need". These sound files were converted from a cassette recording, so there are some gaps when the tape ran out.

Sylvia Durham's memorial service of August 2009 with texts read and audio files can be found in the sermon archive.

Prof. Randy Pausch was a Unitarian Universalist who died in July 2008; he is now famous for his Last Lecture - Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. He was voted Beliefnet's Most Inspiring Person of 2008.

Tragedy of Knoxville: The UUA placed a full page ad in the New York Sunday Times - August 10, 2008. The headline: "Our Doors And Our Hearts Will Remain Open".