Volunteer at Westwood!

There are a wide array of opportunities to volunteer at Westwood - one time work bees, helping out at Sunday services, supporting one of our essential committees, serving on the Board of Trustees. We thank all at Westwood who volunteer in many capacities for the congregation and are part of Westwood's shared ministry. Volunteers of all stripes gain a sense of belonging, satisfaction from their meaningful contribution, closer ties to others in the organization, and the smiles and gratitude of the whole congregation!

2014-15 Time and Talent Opportunities

3 Worship Committee Members

Jacqueline (chair), Lisa, Mitch, Ilara & Anne would love three people to join them in planning and preparing weekly Sunday services throughout the year. If you'd like to work with these delightful folks, let any of them know, or send an email to the committee at worship@westwoodunitarian.ca.

Stewardship Chair and 2 Committee Members

The dedicated folks who have undertaken Stewardship campaigns in the past several years are retiring, but leaving behind a well-developed plan and documented roadmap. The past-chair, Melissa, is committed to sitting in to advise during the launch of the 2015 campaign for a smooth and well-supported transition.

This special role is far more than being just about money - it touches on the dreams and aspirations of the congregation and is centrally positioned in the organization - the job touches all aspects of Westwood. It is a role that has robust support from the Board and other congregational leaders. It is pleasantly brief rather than being an all-year commitment; generally it is a burst of activity in February and March. Get in touch with Melissa and Wendy as early as possible at stewardship@westwoodunitarian.ca, and win the hearty gratitude of the congregation and the Board!

CYRE Member

Children's and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) chair, Brenda N., welcomes a new CYRE Committee member to work with and support the director, Ilara, in providing children's and youth programming at Westwood and also report to the Board. We meet about 8 times per year and hold special events such as 4th Fridays and All Ages Services. Contact them at kids@westwoodunitarian.ca.

Youth Leader (or two!)

Youth leaders support and guide the youth in developing their program and may attend with and assist youth participating in conferences. The youth meet twice a month during the Sunday service and occasionally meet with UCE youth. Youth leaders require a police check. For more information, contact the CYRE committee at kids@westwoodunitarian.ca or the youth leaders at youth@westwoodunitarian.ca.

2 Fundraising Committee Members

Joining Cassie in this leading edge area of Westwood life. Contact her and Wendy at fundraising@westwoodunitarian.ca.

2 Membership Committee Members

Lorian, Wendy, and Anne invite two more people to join them in this integral area. This committee meets for about two hours approximately monthly. We discuss plans to help integrate newcomers and to figure out our part in attracting newcomers. We have planned some church events that take additional time - but not a great amount. It is a fun committee - free tea every month. We have been meeting at Lorian’s but that could change next year depending on what everyone wants. Contact Lorian at pathways@westwoodunitarian.ca.

Building and Grounds - Snow Shoveler

Bruce and Christine would gratefully accept someone stepping in as a snow-shoveler or snow-shoveling coordinator for next winter. Contact Bruce at buildingandgrounds@westwoodunitarian.ca.

Three-Year Rotation, Three-Member Nominated Committees

The Committee on Shared Ministry, the Endowment Trust Fund Committee, and the Financial Review Committee each take on a new member each year while the 3rd-year member rotates off. These areas are populated by the committee members or the nominations committee. If you are approached for membership in one of these groups, please give the invitation serious consideration. These each represent essential services to the organization.

The Board

Also by nomination, the Board generally takes on new trustees each year to allow a healthy rotation of novice and experienced members. This year the Board is seeking one new trustee: someone with an interest in taking on the treasured Treasurer's position in the future (not this year), or someone with an interest in issues related to our building and grounds would be immensely helpful.

Publicity Coordinator

Opportunity is knocking.
Would you answer the call?
If the task:

  • Required no meetings
  • Could be done from home or wherever you have an internet connection
  • Required only email and basic internet research skills
  • Required the ability to plan for and meet deadlines
  • Was really, really important to the ongoing well-being and development of Westwood?

Then you could be our person to co-ordinate media releases and public service announcements.

Somehow this task has fallen through the volunteer cracks and if we are going to grow we have to get the message out there. Media releases will be prepared by the minister, board or committee responsible. The Publicity Co-coordinators' job would be to get those messages out to the appropriate places at the best times to maximize the coverage. A media contact list will be provided to get this started.

Please contact Anne (anne@westwoodunitarian.ca) or Brenda (president@westwoodunitarian.ca) if you have questions, or better still, are willing to take this opportunity.

Communications Team

The Communications team, who manage internal and external communications around Westwood, would love one more person to join our merry band. Westwood's newsletter role is open for one person for the coming year. We could use help strategizing better methods of using communications technology, or another hand helping out with updates of various sorts. Whether you're ultra-techy or have basic computer skills, we could use your time & talents! Contact Melissa, Anne, Terry, Trudy and Wendy at communications@westwoodunitarian.ca.

Considering Lay Chaplaincy?

There is an opening for a second Westwood Lay Chaplain. Speak to the Lay Chaplain committee – Rev. Anne (anne@westwoodunitarian.ca), Marj F and Bruce McW (lccomittee@westwoodunitarian.ca) or our current Lay Chaplain, Leigh (laychaplain@westwoodunitarian.ca).

Ongoing Opportunities

Sunday Volunteers

Mike is continuing in the role of Sunday Volunteer Coordinator for 2014-15. Be sure to give him a big smile and a thank-you for he and Rita's great service to Westwood in this capacity! Consider how you can help keep Westwood services rolling smoothly by volunteering regularly in these small, pleasant, weekly roles.

Click the links below to view the descriptions and instructions from the Organizational Guide.

Email Mike for more information at sundayvolunteers@westwoodunitarian.ca. Speak to Ilara or Brenda N. from CYRE for more information about being a Children's Program Assistant (kids@westwoodunitarian.ca).

Sunday Worship Services

Westwood's Sunday services are led each week by people from within our community. Speakers include the Reverend Anne Barker, people from within our community, and invited guest speakers. The Worship Committee schedules speakers, service leaders, and musicians for worship services.

Contact the Worship Committee if you are interested in leading a service or speaking.

The Worship Committee supports service participants as they prepare for services. If you are planning a service, the Service Leaders' page provides information and resources to help you.


Whatever instrument you play, there is a place for you in the musical life of Westwood's services. Share your talent and let's make beautiful music together. Contact Jacqueline for more info or to volunteer.