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Nursery Staff Needed

Do you love young children or know someone who does? We are looking for a responsible, open-minded, compassionate individual who enjoys spending time with babies and young children. The position would be for Sunday mornings from 10am-12pm, beginning the first Sunday in September. Come join our team! Please contact dre@westwoodunitarian.ca to schedule an interview.  

2019 Summer Serendipity Services

Looking for good company and an interesting discussion? Every Sunday starting June 23 to the end of August  Westwood hosts our informal Summer Serendipity Services: a friendly hour of reflection and discussion on the topic of the week. Weekly topics are based on the monthly themes of the past year and are listed in the …

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2019-6 Margaret Harris

Margaret Harris was raised in Edmonton, Alberta.  She received her university education in Biology, after which she spent some years participating in field research in the Kananaskis area, drawing upon a keen observation of wildlife.  Her later experience in librarianship encouraged an ability to plan and execute projects. Margaret works with acrylic paints and a …

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June Social Justice Movie Night

Treasure Hunters by Bruno Baillargeon They live on our waste, on what we leave behind. Once called guenillous (beggars), they’re now known as scrappeurs—or, more nobly, recycleurs. Denis is one of them, prospecting by bicycle around his neighbourhood, sifting through garbage looking for things to sell: used furniture, crippled toys, trinkets, scrap metal and a myriad other cast-off items …

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Compassionate Connections Update 2018-2019

Westwood’s compassionate purpose has embraced a busy year. Here’s a snapshot, from April 2018 to March 2019, of our common endeavours towards members, friends & staff at Westwood: The compassion bank opened on 52 occasions for 64 Westwoodians. It made 36 bank offers & responded to 15 requests. Many offers attended to folk experiencing family …

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