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AN ARMY OF PROBLEM SOLVERS: Social Enterprise Workshop

A full-day Social Enterprise Workshop with Shaun Loney … for Change Makers and Innovators,

Sat. Feb 2, 2019 At Westwood

About this Event

Looking for a way to make a difference? To embrace the Solutions Economy? Ready to re-imagine your business, agency or organization, and leave ‘we’ve always done it this way’ in the past?

Join us for a full-day Saturday workshop on the innovative & disruptive possibilities of Social Enterprise – with esteemed social entrepreneur, author and Ashoka Fellow Shaun Loney.

Westwood Unitarian is excited to host this content-rich event for Changemakers and Problem Solvers. Loney will share how to solve complex challenges with practical solutions – and lead participants on a journey of re-imagining their approach to funding, purpose, and problem solving. Whether you are a practitioner or a student of Social Enterprise, this workshop is for you.


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  • What is a Social Enterprise and why are they popping up everywhere?
  • Who’s already doing it – and succeeding?
  • How can this model impact social change?
  • What can governments do to encourage their development?
  • What is the one and only question to ask government?
  • How do you start a social enterprise?

Who should attend?

Non-profit sector leaders, civil servants, members of the business community, Indigenous leaders (urban and community), educators, people working to reduce poverty, environmental NGO’s and all other practicing or aspiring changemakers.

Saturday Ticket Price: $100

Please Note: The Saturday event is limited to 50 registrants on a first come, first-served basis. Refreshments and lunch are included in your ticket purchase. If price is a barrier for you, please contact Anne Barker at minister@WestwoodUnitarian.ca

Westwood Unitarian is a pluralistic faith community – exploring what Social Enterprise could mean for both Social Justice programming, and our organizational growth and development. If you are interested in joining us for bonus programming – specifically suited to religious organizations – on February 1st and 3rd (Friday and Sunday) – please contact Anne Barker at minister@WestwoodUnitarian.ca for more information. Friday and Sunday Additional Programming: by donation

Interesting Stuff About Shaun:

Shaun Loney is an Ashoka Fellow and Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He has co-founded and mentored twelve successful social enterprises, including BUILD Inc. (2011 Scotia Bank EcoLiving Green Business of the Year) and Aki Energy (2016 National Canada Startup Canada award winner). Prior to his work with social enterprises, Shaun spent over a decade in senior levels of government. Shaun is a widely sought-after speaker and is the team-lead at Encompass Co-op, which works with First Nations, non-profits and governments to promote social innovation.

Shaun’s Books (with Will Braun):

AN ARMY OF PROBLEM SOLVERS: Reconciliation and the Solutions Economy (2016). First Nations reconciliation has to include rebuilding local economies. Problem solvers such as social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and the small farm movement are demonstrating we can tackle society’s most stubborn problems affordably. How do we reinvent government to make it all happen?

THE BEAUTIFUL BAILOUT: How a Social Innovation Scale-up Will Solve Governments Priciest Problems (2019). Business-savvy non-profits and socially savvy investors have Canada on the cusp of a social innovation breakthrough. Our plan is to leave the child welfare crisis, ballooning health care costs and epidemic levels of incarceration behind for good. To make it over the tipping point, all that is required is for governments to say “yes” to a shockingly simple question.

Still Have Questions?

For all inquiries pertaining to this event, and the bonus programming, please contact Anne Barker at minister@WestwoodUnitarian.ca


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