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Andrea Itzeck

I am fascinated by ravens.

They are curious, intelligent, and playful. In some cultures people even assume ravens have supernatural abilities. Ravens can mimic other birds’ calls, and recognize themselves in a mirror. They are acrobatic flyers and also excellent hunters. With my woodcut prints I want to show a few raven – related sayings and preconceptions and illustrate the role these birds play in literature.

Woodcut printing offers an exciting artistic arena for me. Every step in the process is challenging and fascinating at the same time. My themes are primarily connected to the world of animals.


Andrea Itzeck is a local jeweler and printmaking artist.

Born and raised in Bavaria/Germany, she learned the art of goldsmithing from a master goldsmith. In the 1980s, she studied the handcrafting of a variety of precious metals into high quality pieces of jewelry.

In 2007, Andrea and her family moved from Germany to Edmonton, where she started her own studio ‘Sui Generis’, and has been designing, crafting, and selling her work locally and internationally ever since.

Andrea started taking classes at University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension, and received her Fine Arts Certificate in 2015.

Expanding her artistic ventures, she also has discovered a passion for woodcut printmaking, learning from renowned artists such as Tadeusz Warszynski and Hiroki Marinoue.

Member of the Alberta Craft Council and the Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists, Andrea is actively involved in the local artist community.

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