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CUC’s Proposed 8th Principle Forums

Westwoodians,  below is an important and TIME-SENSITIVE message from our CUC Executive Director: We would like to share some information prior to the upcoming Dismantling Racism and 8th Principle forums, and ask that you read this through and access the videos below BEFORE the first forum on September 19 (access it here). What are the …

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Board Training for All

This community event is open to all Westwoodians and to  others willing to learn to serve on Westwood or other community boards. For more information see https://www.boardleadershipalberta.ca Facebook Twitter Youtube

UUMUAC 8th Principle Debate

The Unitarian Universalist Multi-National Unity Action Committee sponsored a debate between two articulate Unitarians. The debate focuses on the specific wording and context of the USA proposed 8th Principle – the current Canadian Proposal is similar but not identical. This  is a 40 Minute Youtube and well worth the time to understand different perspectives on …

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First Call for the CUC’s 60th Anniversary Recognition Weekend

The CUC was launched on May 14, 1961, when about 50 Unitarian Universalists from Halifax to Vancouver voted the Canadian Unitarian Council into being. Our journey to 2021 has been eventful, filled with significant milestones in human rights and social justice areas.  During this weekend, we commemorate and honour the work of those who have …

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CUC Forums on the Proposed 8th Principle

8th Principle Process: Following the last Roundtable on the 8th Principle (Saturday August 28, details in my last post), the CUC will hold a series of 4 forums to bring congregations together in respectful conversation. The forums are cumulative and each one will build on the one before it, and participants can attend these as a series …

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CUC Events Highlighting the Proposed 8th Principle

These are two upcoming (August) opportunities to participate in conversations about the 8th Principle/our commitment to dismantling racism: Leaders RoundtableSaturday, August 28   10:00 am MT    Join Vyda Ng and CUC Board members in reflection about accountably dismantling racism and being radically inclusive, one of our 5 Aspirations. These specific roundtables on this topic will run on the …

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Youth and Young Adult Forum on the 8th Principle

Youth and Young Adults Forum on the 8th Principle Saturday, August 7, 12 pm MT |  (2 hrs)Young Unitarian Universalists in Canada ages 14-35 are invited to attend this forum to discuss the 8th Principle and the process for adopting it in Canada. We will respond to the discussion package (“The 8th Principle Process: Next …

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Child Haven International Zoom FundRaiser

An invitation to the Edmonton Child Haven International 2021 Zoom Fundraiser We are all aware of how COVID-19 is impacting us here in Canada. Just think how much worse it is for people in countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Tibet! Fortunately, there is an organization in place that provides some relief in these four …

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