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Betty Ann Gandall 

Day and Night by Betty Ann Gandall

Every quilt deserves a name and the one displayed is called “Day And Night”. I made it to practice my skills with colour value which created the illusion of weaving. The quilt top is “Day”, the back of the quilt is black, representing “Night” which is quilted with coloured thread.
I first discovered my passion for quilting in 1999. Quilts are a possession of comfort, love and beauty. In my mind there is no greater gift of comfort and beauty as a handmade quilt, each stitch done with love. One of my favourite sayings is “One Who Sleeps Under a Quilt is Comforted by Love” and I have written this on many of my quilt labels. Over the years I branched out from quilting to sewing projects: wall hangings, cute dresses for my daughter, pillow cases for kids and bags and purses.  When I started making bags and purses I found that I was as passionate about making bags as I was making quilts. I worked at Earthly Goods Quilting for a few years and earned the reputation as the “Bag Lady” teaching quilting and bag classes, sharing my passion. I have also done many commissioned quilts and bags.
If you would like to contact me, email me at 1baglady@telus.net

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