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A compassionate community of free religious thought, inviting all people to rest, grow, and serve the world.


Building Bridges of Joy

March 2016: … Building Bridges of Joy

This month’s theme may seem like an easy one – but Joy isn’t always ‘all that easy’. In fact, Joy can be a real challenge for people. Whether you are filled with it, seeking it, or somewhere on the spectrum in between, Westwood is the place for your journey.

In support group meetings, people often say “When you’re struggling – you need the meeting. When you’re not – the meeting needs you!” Joy works like this. It’s hard to imagine ‘feeling joyful’ when there are no examples near-by. As a compassionate community … a group committed to supporting one another’s spiritual well-being … Joy is an essential quality that we intentionally work to share with one another.

Building Bridges of Joy is the theme for Stewardship Month – and the Stewardship Theme follows suit: Joyful Generosity. We all want to belong and contribute to groups that have a meaningful value in the world. Westwood aims to serve our purpose – to be a Compassionate Community of Free Religious Thought, Inviting All People to Rest, Grow & Serve the World – in a positive, powerful, Joyous way.

This month’s services and activities have a particularly Joy-filled feel to them. Feeding JoyBridges of Joy4th Friday Easter Joy & a Joyful Easter service … plus plenty more. It is always especially Joyful for me when my friend Liz James comes to town. She’s speaking on March 13th – her renowned Kink service – and you won’t want to miss it! Come – if you are feeling the Joy. Come – if you are seeking. Come, come, how-ever you are. Together … we will build Bridges of Joy to hold one another up.

In peace, love & joy,

Reverend Anne


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