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2019-6 Margaret Harris

Margaret Harris was raised in Edmonton, Alberta.  She received her university education in Biology, after which she spent some years participating in field research in the Kananaskis area, drawing upon a keen observation of wildlife.  Her later experience in librarianship encouraged an ability to plan and execute projects. Margaret works with acrylic paints and a …

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Rick Rogers: Consonance and Dissonance

As an adult, I remember with a touch of amusement, the bitterness of not finding finger paints in my stocking on Christmas morning.  Who could really blame Santa? But the simple joy of playing with those squishy pigments at grade school is a sensation that remains vivid for me today. Art and design have always …

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Steve Ricketts: The Many faces of Grief

I first became interested in photography in 2010 as a pre-retirement project and as a homage to my Dad, and I discovered that I enjoyed it immensely. I find myself drawn to photography because of its ability to tell a story without the use of words. One can write at length about a topic but …

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Myra Bielby

Rug hooking is an original Canadian craft, developed in the Maritimes and eastern Quebec in the nineteenth century. An original recycling activity, it involved women splitting burlap seed bags open, then ripping up their families worn clothing into wool strips to be worked into patterns for the burlap backing. Voilà-rugs for their bare wooden floors …

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Karen Bishop: Spirit Bears

  We are  indeed happy when one of our artists of the month returns with new work. Westwood extends a warm welcome and thanks to Karen Bishop for her continued support of this program. We have featured Karen’s work in the past, as well as several artists that Karen recommended through her connections as owner of Daffodil …

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The Westwood Realitree

The Realitree is a multi-media exploration of ‘Change’ – mirroring this year’s Westwood Theme: Seasons of Change. Reflecting the subtle, and not so subtle, shifts of nature, culture, and tradition, the Realitree changes every week – sometimes in tiny ways, sometimes profoundly. The Realitree invites us to be attentive and present with the transitions and …

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Quincey Deters: The Beauty of Maturity

  We are delighted to welcome back Quincey Deters as our artist of the month for October 2018. The Beauty of Maturity Rust is one of my most favourite subject matters to photograph. Yes… RUST! The prairies of Alberta are a vast graveyard for old, rusting automobiles.  To some it is simply scrap metal, but to …

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Vincent George Morban

As a retired accountant, I gave up my green shades for a camera and switched from creative accounting to creative photography. Since 2012, I have been an active member of Edmonton’s Images Alberta Camera Club, including having served on the Board as Treasurer and President. For the past six years, I have been competing in …

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Aaron Paquette

  Aaron Paquette is one of Canada’s premiere First Nations artists known for his bright colours, strong lines and for sharing new ways of looking at age-old experiences and beliefs. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Aaron has been creating art for the past 20 years. He apprenticed and has become both a Cathedral Stained Glass artist …

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