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James Gaa

People reveal themselves through the things they make. I interpret the urban landscape, the place most of us live and work – including streets and alleys, buildings and their architectural features, machines, and signs. In documenting aspects of the designed and built environment, I construct something new that reveals a dimension that is hidden from …

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Andrea Itzeck

I am fascinated by ravens. They are curious, intelligent, and playful. In some cultures people even assume ravens have supernatural abilities. Ravens can mimic other birds’ calls, and recognize themselves in a mirror. They are acrobatic flyers and also excellent hunters. With my woodcut prints I want to show a few raven – related sayings …

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Sara Norquay – Indications: Weather Permitting

We are delighted to welcome print maker Sara Norquay back as our September artist of the month. Sara Norquay has been a printmaker for almost twenty years, making monotypes, photopolymer etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and recently copper etchings. She also makes artists books and works with felt. After living, working and exhibiting for nearly 20 years …

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Mira Lanoil

This month Westwood celebrates one of our own emerging artists, Mira Lanoil. Mira is 11 years old and passionate about photography. She is just finishing Grade 6 and greatly enjoys school. She wants to share her passion for photography with people online and show them how beautiful things can be anywhere, even in the muddy …

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Betty Ann Gandall 

Every quilt deserves a name and the one displayed is called “Day And Night”. I made it to practice my skills with colour value which created the illusion of weaving. The quilt top is “Day”, the back of the quilt is black, representing “Night” which is quilted with coloured thread. I first discovered my passion …

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Brenda Malkinson

Brenda Malkinson is a multidisciplinary visual artist with extensive background in design, art education and public commissions. She is an alumnus of Alberta College of Art and Design. Her artistic career, spanning over forty years includes owning and operating a stained glass gallery and retail store. She has also served as an instructor at Red …

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REdress Photography Project Returns

This month Westwood is featuring two of the pieces from the REdress Photography Project. This project is to honour the memory of the 1,181 Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women cited in the RCMP report of 2014. Project leader, Mufty Mathewson will also be the guest speaker at our service on Sunday, February 19, 10:30 a.m. …

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Scott Henderson

The Universe is Beautiful, and that Includes You One of the greatest lessons photography has taught me is that there is beauty everywhere. Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes you have to work to find it. From the small corners of life, like the raindrops on a leaf, to the beauty of the moon and stars, …

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Quincey Deters

Jasper in January by Quincey Deters

Embrace Winter Winter in Alberta revitalizes my passion for photography.  The mountains call my name, year after year, inviting me to breathe in the crisp, clean air and capture the snow covered landscape. The weather is unpredictable and forever changing so each and every journey offers unique opportunities. From capturing the most amazing sunrise along …

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