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Circle of Remembrance – Story-sharing to honour those who we miss in our lives

Saturday, December 17th, 7-8:30pm

Westwood Sanctuary

In story there is common ground, in common ground there is comfort.

In story the dead live on, and the bereaved return from the grave site.

In the holiday season we often remember and miss loved ones who have passed. On the Saturday before Winter Solstice, Westwood invites you to a story-sharing circle to honour your deceased family members and friends. It does not matter whether your loss was recent or a long time ago – light a candle and share a story or favourite memory. Find comfort in the common ground of story, in sharing, in the light of the season.

Everybody is welcome, including teens. Led by Trudy Grienauer.


This event is all about stories, and a new “thing” for Westwood. It was inspired by an essay by the Edmonton writer Eunice Scarfe. I don’t know what will happen – that will depend on YOU! Let’s share stories and see 

Invite your friends, everybody is welcome.


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