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FreeThinker Friendly Congregation Certification

Congratulations to Westwood Congregation for becoming the first Canadian Unitarian Universalist Congregation to be certified as FreeThinker Friendly by the UU Humanist Association.

This certification follows our efforts over the past 16 months to educate ourselves, to consider our language and to reach out to those who reject theist forms of congregation and worship.

The term ‘FreeThinker’ has been used to describe atheists, deists, sceptics and agnostics. We’ve recently heard the phrase “congregational atheist” to describe a person who rejects the notion of a interfering or personal deity, but who appreciates the community, music, learning and reflection that thrives in UU congregations everywhere.  One of our FreeThinker Book Club readings for 2017-18 is Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism. In addition we celebrate and practice our UU tradition associated with the 100 years of “Religious Humanism” that is aptly described here by William Murry

The Free Thinker Friendly certification was modelled after the successful Welcoming Congregation process focused on widening and embracing those from the LGBT community.

The requirements for the congregation Free Thinker Friendly certification are listed here.

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