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From the Minister’s Study…

April 2019: Seasons of Interdependence

Well … we’ve had water in the basement – so it must be spring!

Fortunately, it was a small amount of water, faithfully managed by diligent volunteers (thanks Mitch, Lori, Mike, Edda, Oscar & Jean-Marcel!)

Sun-inspired miracles are appearing all around us – a reminder of how closely interwoven all the elements of life are. The big thaw is accompanied by floods and muck – warming our hearts and soaking our feet. New growth emerges on the shrubs and trees – and – we learn which plants didn’t survive the prolonged freeze of winter … didn’t have deep enough roots, or warm enough mulch … or enough life energy left for another season.

We are no different, of course – sometimes flitting about with abandon; other times relying heavily on our connections and comforts to see us through. We do our best to build reserves – and – sometimes we run low. Spring is an excellent time to plan, and dream, and move more freely through the world. Less layers, more daylight. And, it’s an excellent time to check on your beings. Have they made it through winter with a renewed spirit and enthusiasm to spring forth? Or are they they a bit crispy on the edges … need a little tender loving care?

In these ‘bursting out’ seasons, we can become independent, focused on our own plans, planting our own gardens. It’s important to remember our interdependence – our reliance on one another, for a thriving community and a healthy future. Check in on your neighbours. See if they’re ok. Or let them know if you’re the one who needs a hand.

Life is a team effort.

Thanks for being a part of ours.

In love & sunshine,

Reverend Anne



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