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From the Minister’s Study…

May 2017: Canadian Unitarians Exploring … Compassion

As we enter a new month and new theme – May & Compassion – there are powerful thoughts and experiences that carry forward from last month’s theme of Resistance. We have engaged with things that are hard for us. We said goodbye to Sheila MacLean with a lovely celebration. Now we explore more of the ways that we can hold people, including ourselves, with compassion.

This month contains something unique in our service calendar – a shared event with hundreds of congregations around the world. The #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachin was born out of pain – arising in response to hot debate about racism and hiring practices in the Unitarian Universalist Association (our US national counterpart). Black Lives UU has called us all into a shared conversation about ‘White Supremacy’ – and what that means throughout our systems, and ourselves, in all contexts. Hundreds of congregations, primarily US but also world-wide (at least 13 in Canada) are participating in a power-full review of the cultures we exist within. Designed under the leadership of Religious Educators who are people of colour/indigenous, this is strong, sensitive and meaning-filled work – so we hope you will join us on May 7th, as we answer this heartfelt call. More information will be coming your way in the week before the event.

May, as well, is our time for annual meetings. Our national body, the Canadian Unitarian Council, is holding its first annual meeting that allows on-line voting. On Saturday May 13, 9:30 mtn time, you can log in and attend the meeting from home, your favourite coffee shop … or even the beach. Lori Crozier and I will be Westwood’s delegates this year, from the comfort of our dining room. I will be in Ontario the following week for the UU Ministers of Canada annual meeting & conference, May 21-25. Then the following week, May 28th is Westwood’s own annual meeting. It’s also a choir Sunday, and Westwood’s Member Recognition Service – so it’s a day packed full of meaning.

Spring is always the season of renewed growth and busy-ness … so please, enjoy the emerging light, while staying gentle with your expectations of yourself and one another.

In love & compassion,

Reverend Anne

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