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From the Minister’s Study…

September 2017: Light


 As I write this – on the Autumn Equinox – I know that so many are experiencing tender times right now. Among us there are many losses: the deaths of precious family and friends … personal, physical and mental health challenges … stress and pressures. As well, the world is experiencing unprecedented devastating weather events, and the politics are divisive and painful, which add to the weight of the increasing darkness.

~ May this be a gentle season, where we bring light to one another.

~ May we take our cue from the season and balance our energies, so that there is both activity and rest, giving and receiving, comfort and query.

~ May we hold one another in patience and presence, as we move into the crisper, colder months.

 There are wonderful things coming up … a rich schedule of worship offerings; Comfort Day; Paganism 101; Meditation; meals together … and more. I sincerely hope that you can draw nourishment and reassurance as you need it, insight and inspiration as you are able, joy and connection as much as you can hold.

 While we may seem eager to accomplish things … to serve the wider community … to add to the justice and well-being of the world … to improve our systems and knowledge and impact … it is always, ALWAYS, appropriate to take time to replenish, to rest, to grieve. Please, don’t hesitate to let us know how we can support you through these challenges.

 Do keep these resources in mind:

  • Compassion Bank: listeners, meals, drivers, etc.,
  • Groups & Teams: gatherings like Harmonia (the choir), Chalice Circles, and even some committees (talk to those worship folks!) are known to be strong sources of connection and support for people,
  • The person sitting next to you, or across the 2nd Sunday lunch table,
  • The Minister: I’m happy to meet, or check in – in person, by phone, even by text!

 And always know – even if you need rest, quiet, or are cocooning for a season – you are always in the hearts and minds of your Westwood community … we will come to you if you need us (although we might need help knowing – please don’t be afraid to call) … and you are, of course, always welcome here.

In love & tenderness,

Reverend Anne

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