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From the Minister’s Study… May, 2016

May 2016: … Building Bridges Between Generations

So much good stuff is in the works – we are delighted to have you along with us!

May is a journey through our experiences and ideas concerning relationships: building bridges from one age to another; communication between generations; connecting during loving rites of passage; exploring ways of life, throughout our many varied ages & stages. It will be a series of reflection, celebration and ideas to ponder. Want to get a head start? Begin by considering: what does the word ‘generations’ mean in your life?

As usual, the Long May Weekend (20-22) is the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Annual Conference and Meeting (CUC ACM) in Vancouver. It’s open to everyone – all generations – and typically a very rich experience. I stay on for the next 5 days for the Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada (UUMOC) Annual Meeting – then fly back to be with you once again.

May 29th is our Westwood Annual Meeting. The service, earlier that Sunday, will be a loving reflection on community – with a special celebration of the youngest among us. You REALLY won’t want to miss this tender community passage. The offering, this Sunday, will be going entirely to seed the new Minister’s Discretionary Fund – a compassionate initiative of the Board of Trustees. Watch your email for more details on all the special happenings of this day.

Together, a blend of generations, we form a loving space that nurtures and serves community. Thank you, for your participation and for your generosity. Working together, so much good happens.

In love & gratitude,

Reverend Anne

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