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From the Minister’s Study… November 2016: Canadian Unitarians Exploring … Letting Go

img_3352blurvignAs we enter the season of darkness, we turn our thoughts to the theme of Letting Go.

We have each experienced times when we need to let go – maybe an idea that never came to fruition, a project that has finished, or a relationship that has come to an end. Letting Go can sometimes be a relief, sometimes a challenge. In the hardest instances, it can be a complicated trial.

This month we will look at personal experiences of Letting Go, as well as communal ones. What might a congregation, or community, need to Let Go of? When does Letting Go benefit the system? What do we have to learn about the act of Letting Go? How can this help us to understand our important Principle concepts – like peace, love and justice?

You won’t want to miss 4th Friday this month. The Board of Trustees is hosting a Disney Sing-a-long! (so we can let go of our vocal inhibitions?) Join us for Sunday Services and programming on this powerful theme. We look forward to the opportunity to go deeper with you ….

In peace and love,

Reverend Anne

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