Garden Plans for the New Year

Hello Friends,

This is what we have accomplished this gardening season interspersed with
some of my favourite Westwood garden pics.

Lots of veggies grown by Dawn, Margret, Shana & Lindsay

The maple tree on the east side was trimmed. The one in the front was removed
due to its poor condition.

Soil in flower gardens amended & many non-native plants were replaced with
native plants (labeled). This is difficult in the front garden as it is full shade.

Gardens left in good condition for native pollinators.

Kill mulch of cardboard covered by compost applied to west side plot of quack
grass, weeds & invasive non-native plants.

Screen added to front of east porch to enhance the appearance

Compost bins are full so hopefully there will be finished compost next year.

Leaves are saved to use as browns for next years’ compost (we used all that was saved last year.

Two parking stalls designated on either side of the ramp at the back.

Developed a good relationship with neighbours Paul to the east & Allison & Matt
across the alley. They let me put our yard waste & recycling with theirs. Another
neighbour gave us boards to build up the raised beds at the east edge of the
I have increased my knowledge about native gardening, attracting birds and
native pollinators by taking short zoom classes on those topics

Planned for spring 2024

  • Most of the dandelions dug out of the front lawn & replaced with micro-clover mixed with compost. Allowing the more of the creeping Charlie to invade the lawn as well.
  • More native plants added to flower gardens
  • Either native plants or micro clover put in west side garden (depending on my time, energy & how much money I want to spend)
  • More members & friends growing veggies at Westwood.
  • Areas covered with landscape fabric & bark mulch re-covered & re-mulched (in front of the shed, along sides of the east porch & in the space in the centre of the U shaped raised bed.
  • Hopefully a bird bath or 2 installed
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