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Genocide Memorial Service 2019

Sunday, July 14, 2019

10:30 a.m.at the Unitarian Church of Edmonton


Invitation to the 11th Annual Genocide Memorial Service, 10804-119 Street

Members of all faiths and ethnic groups are invited to participate in the Genocide Memorial Service

Sponsors: Unitarian Church of Edmonton and  Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action.


The Genocide Memorial Service begins with Treaty Six acknowledgement.  

Representatives from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, First Nations and other faiths are invited to tell us how genocide affected their people.  

Prayers, songs and readings are interspersed throughout the program. Inscribed memorial stones along with their stories will be presented to the audience. Later, they will be placed in a memorial garden at 9916-154 Street, where they can be viewed. The stones witness, honor and name those who died violent deaths because of wars, racism, gender identity, greed, slavery, ethnic cleansing and appropriation of Indigenous lands.

Genocide is unacceptable.  There are ways to resolve conflict other than mass destruction of human beings in the name of politics, greed and exploitation of resources.  Powerful killers still incite hate, and carry out intentional attacks on populations to take resources, destroying communities and lives. The stories of loss and grief caused by the denial of human rights will be heard and recognized at this service.

Albert Einstein said, “Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be kept by understanding…all my life I have hated war; it is the greatest curse of man’s history. It comes from absolute ignorance, absolute greed, and absolute cruelty…some paths a man takes cannot be retraced. Some acts can not be undone.”

Please let me know if your group can attend.  The service will be over an hour long, and is followed by a pot luck lunch.  The theme of the service this year is “We are all family.” If your group would like to share a song, poem or dance that represents your culture, we would be blessed to have you participate.  

Contact Rev. Audrey Brooks: audbrook (at) telusplanet.net

Rev. Audrey Brooks, Chaplain

Unitarian Church of Edmonton

Member; Social Justice Group

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