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James Gaa

Ambassador Bridge by James Gaa

People reveal themselves through the things they make. I interpret the urban landscape, the place most of us live and work – including streets and alleys, buildings and their architectural features, machines, and signs.

In documenting aspects of the designed and built environment, I construct something new that reveals a dimension that is hidden from a casual glance. This transformation can be straightforward or an abstraction of light, form and colour.

These photographs are part of a series about a major part of the built environment: bridges. Bridges are things we may use every day, but we may do so without thinking about them or really seeing them as more than a channel of movement across an expanse. They reveal something about the structure of these often-monumental parts of the urban landscape, that help us to make a transition from a place of departure to one’s destination. As such, they symbolize the transition from one state to another, and the ways in which people provide a structure for it.

-Edmonton, AB, November 2017

James Gaa Biography

Jim was born in 1948 in Urbana Illinois. As a young boy, he was interested in photography, spent teen-aged earnings on a quality Pentax camera, and created dark rooms, where he lived in St. Louis, Mo. and Dundas, Ont. While acquiring two PhD degrees (Philosophy and Accounting) and throughout an academic career, photography was always an important life component.  Now, using digital technology, Jim has been able to creatively explore the world through his camera lens, shunning “picture post card” shots, instead, seeking out what others might not have noticed. Since retirement from the U. of A., Jim has begun a study of print making as it can be combined with photographic images. He has lived in Canada with wife, Marilyn and family since 1980, in Edmonton since 1995.

Brooklyn-Bridge by James Gaa
Southwark-Bridge by James Gaa


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