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Meet Our Story Corner Friends!

Shows Religious Director Ilara with one of the Children's Weekly Story Corner Puppets, a fairy named Elm with a green leaf skirt and a bee on her head.

Spruce recently brought it my my attention that it is very likely many of you may not have met erm yet, and that made me realize that if you haven’t met Spruce yet (you will!) then you definitely haven’t met our other puppet friends. So I’m going to do a little mini feature on each of our Story Corner Puppets each week until we run out of puppets…and then who knows what will happen!

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Elm! For those of you who were at our Beltane with the Fairies Sunday Service this May, you will already be aware that on the Pagan Wheel of the Year Beltane is the time when the veil between us and the Fairy Realm is the thinnest. What many of you many not yet be aware of, however, is that this Beltane a Fairy named Elm came to visit Spruce and I, but she didn’t’t get back across the veil in time and is trapped in our realm until next Beltane! Until then, we’ve been really enjoying getting to know her in our Zoom Room/Facebook Live Saturday Story Corners, as well as in our Sunday Stories for All Ages. She featured in our very heartfelt Thanksgiving video, which is here on our YouTube Channel if you haven’t seen it yet; the messages apply every day, not just for Thanksgiving!

Elm is a very sweet, down to earth puppet. She is very homesick for Fairyland (she didn’t intend to be here a whole year, after all!), but she loves making new friends, spending most of her time in nature, and teaching us songs she knows from Fairyland. She also LOVES stories! She loves both telling stories and hearing stories, so if you have any stories you would like to share with Elm, come join us on Saturday afternoons at 2:45pm in our Story Corner Zoom! She isn’t there every week, but if you come often enough you’re sure to meet her!

See you next week!

Much Love,

Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet, Director of Religious Education

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