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Mindful Journeys for 2018

Two mindful journeys for Unitarians and their friends:

Rev. Wayne and Joan Walder  Mindful India 2018

email saranac2@gmail.com

By popular demand, we will be traveling back to India again in 2018! Incredible India is a favourite for Mindful Journeys, and this journey includes a stay in Delhi, a trip to the home of the Dalai Lama, the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar and the Taj Mahal.






England Journey 2018 with Beverly Carr 

The Gilded Age Meets Downton Abbey.  Cora, of Downton Abbey fame, is the inspiration for this journey. She was based on the American heiresses who arrived in England during the late 1800s to rescue a great estate in distress.  We will focus on some of these heiresses, while we explore their homes and visit Downton Abbey film sites.  Highclere Castle was the home of heiress Lady Almina Carnarvon, and was also used as the fictional home of Cora.  American Consuelo Vanderbuilt married the 9th Duke of Marlborough and saved Blenheim Palace with her fortune.  Another heiress, Jennie Jerome, married the 8th Duke of Marlborough’s brother, and gave birth to Winston Churchill there. The great-grandmother of Diana the Princess of Wales, was an American Heiress and the future kings of England are her descendants.

We’ll stay for 5 nights in my favourite English city, Oxford – the unique university town of amazing bookstores, unusual architecture, historic pubs, and eclectic free museums. We see where JRR Tolkien met with the Inklings, Lewis Carroll dreamed up Alice in Wonderland, CS Lewis had a magical wardrobe, Inspector Morse solved many crimes, and Bill Clinton didn’t inhale. Two nights in the Midlands and one in London complete our itinerary.

The challenge of this journey is that Highclere Castle and Althorp House aren’t posting their opening times for 2018 until October, and we can’t ask for tickets before then. At that time we can confirm the dates and the finalized itinerary and costs.  We are aiming for May or September 2018. The journey will be mindful, fun, and informative, with some time for you to explore your interests – especially in Oxford.  email:  beverlz@me.com

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