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November 2017: Inspire Us


From the Minister’s Study…

Our November theme at Westwood is the phrase “Inspire Us” – from our candle affirmation:

May the light of these candles inspire us to use our power,

to heal and not to harm, to help and not to hinder,

to serve the spirit of truth, in loving affection and trusting hope.


This past month, social media has been lit up with “Me, too”. Have you seen it? Women posting in solidarity – initially, with the silenced accusers of a Hollywood mogul – but more than this, women posting in solidarity with women. It has been a remarkable thing to experience, to see so many people taking the courageous step of publicly stating that they have experienced sexual harassment and/or sexual abuse. I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t experienced insult or injury, somewhere along this spectrum – but I never imagined I would one day open my computer and see woman after woman stating it for the world to see. Thousands of women, inspired to act, following one woman’s declaration; thousands of people supporting them in solidarity.

Inspiration can arise from the most unexpected places, in the most surprising ways.

This month, we will look for inspiration together: in spiritual practice … in knowledge and compassionate understanding … in personal reflection … in the turning wheel of the year … in generosity toward our neighbours. We will find inspiration in our time and service together, as well as in our remembrance of those who went before us, and those who will follow. We will inspire one another with stories, with courage, with resilience, and with vulnerability.

Thank you – for having the courage to gather together in intentional community … for having the determination to build what is good, resolve what is conflicted, and nurture what is worthwhile. May this always be a place of inspiration and love.

In love & gratitude,

Reverend Anne

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