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I’m Libby your Little Free Library


I’m Libby the Little Free Library that has been serving  on the Westwood front yard for OVER a Year.

It has been mostly great!  My belly is usually full enough to give everyone who opens my front door a moment to pause at least. Some people browse for 10 minutes – and then don’t take a book!  Go figure?

But I love the conversations. Of course I’ve read all my books,  but I’m sworn to not give advice by my professional LFL Liittle Free Library) code of conduct. Although some of us believe we are silenced by the big publishers who can only think about money, money, money. When I only think about reading, reading, reading.

Have you ever noticed the unique personality of each of us LFLs. I mean, there are over 75,000 of us  (and I’m just counting those like me with REAL licenses), but still we are each different.  I guess my own personality could be described as “bookish” but that is just outwards appearance. I’m really quite outgoing. In fact I burn so much energy enticing readers who open my door, that sometimes I get this empty feeling. You know sort of like imposter syndrome – can I be a real LFL if I have a bare shelf?

I’m looking forward to a paint touch up next spring!

I hope you each have a great winter holed up beside a fireplace with a book. I’ve read that that is a great thing to do, but of course I’ve never really sat by a fireplace myself (it sounds potentially combustable!).

Anyways all the best, but remember as I get older I start to remember things – like my birthday Sept 15 – DON’T miss it next year!!

Anyways thanks to everyone at Westwood who Brings a Book- Takes a Book.


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