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Pagan Practice Gatherings

NEW to Westwood:         Pagan Practice Gatherings

This fall, members & friends of Westwood enjoyed Paganism 101 – where participants had an opportunity to explore this earth-centered, nature-based religious tradition, through a specific Unitarian lens.

Participants experienced & conducted Pagan rituals, while studying the beliefs & history of Modern Pagan Spirituality. For more opportunity to develop, or deepen, an earth-centered practice, monthly Pagan Practice Gatherings are scheduled for January – May, 2018 with a focus on ‘Working Circles’.

Pagan Practice Gatherings will focus on specific skill building –

Casting a Circle …       Chanting …      Creating Magical Artifacts …

 Welcoming the New Moon

Westwood Sanctuary

7:00-9:30 pm

Friday February 16, 2018


Participants will cast a circle, welcome the new moon, and create a Moon Braid*.


All adults are welcome and no prior experience with Paganism is required.

Contact pagan@westwoodunitarian.ca  with your questions.

*Supplies will be provided.

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