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Email Group

The Westwood Yahoo Group

An open announcement and discussion list for members and friends of Westwood Unitarian Congregation

An opportunity for Westwood members and friends to communicate about a variety of things on short notice.

For example this is the place to post your announcements or start a discussion.

  • Events you are interested in attending and want company
  • Events you are participating in and would appreciate an audience
  • Tickets you can’t use and wish to give away or sell
  • Items you have to give away or sell that might be of interest to fellow Westwoodians
  • A request  for advice on how to do something or find something, or a referral for a competent service provider, repair person etc.
  • A call to support a particular social justice issue
  • etc.

Membership in this list is moderated by a list administrator.

Content is self-moderated by the group and must be consistent with the Westwood Covenant of Right Relations.

Follow this link to join or access this group.

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