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Sacred Circle Dance


sacred dance

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Sacred Circle Dance is on Hiatus

Many thanks Rita, for your leadership of this program and we hope Sacred Circle dance will return to Westwood in the future.

Circle dancing is an ancient tradition going back thousands of years to many different cultures. Modern sacred circle dance incorporates not only the legacy of our ancestors but also uses present day music from a myriad of different sources, varied rhythms and choreography. Because these dances are living and evolving they have the ability to connect us to ancestral generations as well as create visions of the future. Sacred circle dance participants are not required to have previous experience or partners to enjoy this activity which allows virtual strangers to create an atmosphere of celebration, wholeness and peace.

Sacred circle dancing has the potential to change us on many levels. On the physical level the dances can be gentle or more vigorous, providing a form of exercise suited to most individuals by strengthening the heart, bones, muscle, improving circulation, coordination and balance.

On the emotional and mental level, this activity can provide us with a few hours of respite from our lives’ stressors by keeping us in the present moment, away from intruding thoughts, duties and responsibilities. The dances help us focus our minds, improving memory in the long term, relaxing us into a more peaceful and balanced state of being. It also fulfills our need for social and communal connections.

Spiritually, sacred circle dance can be a deeply moving meditation, a fertile ground for unlimited possibilities of expression, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. But most importantly, it is a time for the dancers to share, have fun, meditate and express their humanity as well as their divinity. Without beginning or end, the circle entices us to enter, flow and surrender to the ocean within us and to connect with the vastness beyond ourselves. After all, what is life but a dance of slow and frantic rhythms, of pauses and changes of direction, of challenges and missed steps, of peace, balance and profound mystery.

Come and join the dance. We dance for peace, community and for our own delight.

Sacred Circle Dance is currently on hiatus. Check the calendar for times and dates.

Rita Gallagher, the facilitator of sacred circle dance at Westwood, shares with gratitude, the dances which she has learned from many teachers over the past 10 years. She also choreographs her own dances from varied cultures and rhythms. She is passionate about music and dancing and believes that the expression of movement through dance allows us to experience spirit both individually and as a community.

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