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Quincey Deters: The Beauty of Maturity

The Beauty of Maturity-Quincey Deters


We are delighted to welcome back Quincey Deters as our artist of the month for October 2018.

The Beauty of Maturity

Rust is one of my most favourite subject matters to photograph. Yes… RUST!

The prairies of Alberta are a vast graveyard for old, rusting automobiles.  To some it is simply scrap metal, but to a photographer it is an opportunity to capture vibrant colours and varying textures.  I enjoy capturing the more intimate details of the vehicle, like a hood ornament, door handle or license plate. These types of details are more tangible and may offer the viewer an opportunity to identify with the vehicle. For me, the greatest magic happens when I get up close and personal with the rust, the peeling paint, corrosion and decay. I have created some amazing abstract images by taking close-up photographs of these abandoned classic cars. In my experience, adding another element to the image, like a weed growing beside, or even through the car, seems to give the rust new life. Rust exposes the beauty of maturity, season after season.


Quincey Deters is an enthusiastic photographer, based in Edmonton, who focuses her efforts on capturing and creating stunning images. Her extensive collection of images includes grand and intimate landscapes, nature and wildlife, flowers, rust, abstracts and much, much more.

Quincey is dedicated to continuous learning and mastering the art of photography. She strives to implement all that she learns and continues to achieve higher standards in her imagery.

Photography is her ultimate passion… she lives, breathes and creates it.


Website               www.quinceydeters.com

Facebook            https://www.facebook.com/QuinceyDeters/




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