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Quincey Deters

Embrace Winter

Winter in Alberta revitalizes my passion for photography.  The mountains call my name, year after year, inviting me to breathe in the crisp, clean air and capture the snow covered landscape. The weather is unpredictable and forever changing so each and every journey offers unique opportunities. From capturing the most amazing sunrise along the windy shores of Abraham Lake to a moody overcast day at the Glory Hole, east of Jasper. Winter is a very photogenic season.

A trip to Jasper, in January of 2009, sparked the beginning of a special body of work showcasing images I have taken throughout Jasper National Park during the month of January. Throughout the years I have visited, and revisited, many great locations in various weather conditions. Often I am the only person at a location capturing the scene. I am anxious and excited to see what nature will offer me in 2017.


Quincey Deters is an enthusiastic photographer, based in Edmonton, who focuses her efforts on capturing and creating stunning images. Her extensive collection of images includes grand and intimate landscapes, nature and wildlife, food, advertising, stock photography and much, much more.

Quincey is dedicated to continuous learning and mastering the art of photography. She strives to implement all that she learns and continues to achieve higher standards in her imagery.

Photography is her ultimate passion… she lives, breathes and creates it.



Website               www.quinceydeters.com

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