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Recording “Shmita: Shabbat of the Land,” Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet & Lisa Stein, Sep 19, 2021

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Sep 19, 2021 at 10:30 AM MDT

Topic:  Shmita: Shabbat of the Land

In Hebrew Shmita means “Shabbat of Shabbats” and is the 7th year in a 7-year cycle in which the land is left to rest from agriculture and debts are forgiven. Lisa and Ilara have been attending the Temple Beth Ora Shmita Study Group for the past year and are excited to share some of what they have learned ecologically, economically, and spiritually from this experience!

Our 2021-22 Westwood Theme is LIVING OUR UU PRINCIPLES. September is “Principles in Practice”.

Speakers: Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet & Lisa Stein

Musicians: Jennifer McMillan, Rebecca Patterson

Service Techs: Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet & Bill Lee

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