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“Reversals of Fortune” – A Poem

This was the poem read by Lorian Kennedy last Sunday. It is used with permission.

by Unitarian Universalist minister, Theresa I. Soto from “Spilling the Light: Meditations on Hope and Resilience, 2019.

People wake up to ordinary days all the time,

and then, somehow, as though things were just

too peaceful, they experience drastic reversals

of fortune. The car resting on its roof. The fall,

the broken bone. The less than hoped for grade,

the broken heart when a pet dies. You get it.

You never know what’s in a day. Except you; you

are the golden thread running through. I know

that these reversals will test you. You may move

through, burdened with a fresh, wet grief. Or

for now, you may arrive at this moment unscathed:


What you need to know is that there is nothing larger

than the love that is your destiny. And the love may,

at times, feel opaque and distant, like a looming

thundercloud, too far to reach. If that’s too hard

to locate, find your breath, a thread of your life.

Find your community, friendly face and open hand.

What’s true is that some changes call for every

skill that we possess. The deeper truth remains:

changes will eventually change. Let your heart

flex. Let it grow. Allow a reversal to be a moment

in which you are the constant, while you give

yourself kindness and heaping, joyful love.

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