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Sara Norquay – Indications: Weather Permitting

We are delighted to welcome print maker Sara Norquay back as our September artist of the month.

Sara Norquay has been a printmaker for almost twenty years, making monotypes, photopolymer etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and recently copper etchings. She also makes artists books and works with felt. After living, working and exhibiting for nearly 20 years in California, she moved back to Canada in 2009 and now exhibits her work in Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto as well as in California.

Artist Statement for “Indications: Weather Permitting”

I am always astounded to find that images appear, sometimes unbidden, in my mind’s eye, and these I try to capture in drawing and printmaking. Over the years image-making has become my passion.

These prints are made from photopolymer plates: steel plates with a photo emulsion that can be exposed to UV light, etched with water and hardened by more UV light. I taught this process for many years mostly to photographers without finding it particularly inspiring for my own work until the day I discovered that you could apply ink directly on the plate to block the light and achieve a more spontaneous image.

While I am working, the image comes to me in the moment of making it on the plate, which inserts an element of surprise, as I am never completely sure what I will get. Once the plates are made, they offer many possibilities for inking and printing. In some cases, I cut the original plate to recompose the image, using parts of one with parts of another. In other cases, I create an additional image from the plate by printing it twice in different orientations on the paper.

The exhibition title was inspired by the fact that I made these plates outside using the sun as my UV source.

This display features four of these prints: Forecast, Leeward, Seeding, and Windward.

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