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Scott Henderson

The Universe is Beautiful, and that Includes You

One of the greatest lessons photography has taught me is that there is beauty everywhere. Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes you have to work to find it. From the small corners of life, like the raindrops on a leaf, to the beauty of the moon and stars, if we make the effort, we can find stunning vistas almost everywhere.

The beauty of our universe extends to its people too. Within each of us there is a spark that captures the essence of who we are – the goodness within us. When I am creating a portrait, I work to find that essence, to capture that beauty. Often when I deliver images from a portrait shoot to a client, I’ll get an email back saying how much they love the images, and how they never realized they looked so good. When I hear that, I feel like I have succeeded in capturing that spark. As a photographer, this, to me, is the ultimate reward.

Our universe is beautiful at many levels, and we are all a part of that beauty. As a photographer, my passion is to capture and convey that beauty for all to enjoy.


Scott Henderson is a part-time professional photographer who has lived his whole life in Edmonton. He loves to travel and meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. He is a generalist, creating diverse photos ranging from macros to landscapes, portraits to astrophotos. For him, the creative process is a journey that starts with the subject and setting, is captured with the camera and then completed with the tools of the modern digital artist.


Scott is available for portrait sessions and can be reached at:

Phone: 780-231-0950

Email: createbeautifulphotos@gmail.com

Portfolio: www.hendersonimages.ca


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