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Social Just Movie Night -The Catholic School Debate

On Friday April 13, at 7:30 PM  the Social Justice Committee and all friends are welcomed to view a very interesting debate.

The Centre for Constitutional Studie, at the University of Alberta hosted an interesting and controversial  debate in February this year..

The debate question was:

Be it Resolved THAT Alberta should change its dual school system of public and separate schools to one public school system.

On the affirmative side,  was David King (a former minister of Education) and arguing against the resolution was  Kent Donlevy (Education Professor, Univ of Calgary).

The debate was not about capacity – but how  and if unification should  be accomplished.

The issue challenges our Unitarian sense of equity of religious freedom and of the most affordable way to provide quality education for all our children.and .

Further details and the debate can be accessed here

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