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Our Friend Karen Bilida from the Unitarian Church of Edmonton composed the following post on social media. We have edited it to reflect a Westwoodian flavour and reprinted it below:

Help us help communicate to the outside world what a great community we have and stay tuned to all the latest!

Every comment, like, share, retweet, and invite helps us.

Social Media is ever changing. It can sometimes be overwhelming with so many different platforms to reach out to through our computers and smartphones. We use a variety of social social media for a variety of tasks here at Westwood.  We invite you to check these resources out and more importantly contribute to our web spaces. Doing so informs others of our activities, concerns and ideas, and provides a way for others to communicate back to us.

Twitter is an online news social media application where users post messages known as Tweets. Get notified with the most up to date information on meetings and events happening in the community through our Twitter page! Feel free to follow, tag, share, and Tweet @WestwoodUU

Facebook is a core social media platform and we have two applications. The first is the Westwood Facebook page for information, events, photos, and links to interesting posts on our and other web sites. We currently have 332 followers on our Facebook page, so log on, like our page, and see what’s happening! 

  In addition, we want a more causal place for interactions and announcements, concerns or complaints about everything Unitarian in Edmonton.  UCE has established a Facebook  group for all Edmonton Unitarians. The group is closed – meaning that spammers are kept at bay by making users request permission to join the group.  The group is also “lightly moderated” meaning that posts are visible to members immediately but moderators are watching to remove blatantly commercial or other inappropriate posts.  Please join this all Edmonton UU group!

Social Media is not a replacement for coming to services, workshops and events, but another way of connecting with friends, people that are traveling, people that have moved to a location without a local congregation, people who are homebound and people like you!

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