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Do you remember the years when a shiny (and free!) copy of UU World (magazine of the American Unitarian Universalist Association) arrived in our mailboxes every month?

I used to enjoy the whole issue, but alas those days ended when Canadian Unitarian Universalists  were separated (not quite divorced! ) from the UUA.  However the articles are still available!  This month’s issue has a number of articles related to Humanism, which will be of interest to those on our Free Thinker Friendly journey.  As is expected, the issue has reactions to action suggestions for liberal Americans reacting to conservative and protectionist moves from their White House.

But don’t worry if you really must enjoy holding this quarterly quality journal in your own hands once again. You can subscribe for $22 (US) a year and employ the mail carrier, our pay $9.50  a year and have the full issue, in PDF format emailed to you that is optimized for IPAD or digital Screen. For subscription details check out the UUWorld web site.

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