Summer Serendipity Services

They are back! We hope.

What is this?

An informal gathering on summer Sunday mornings where people have an opportunity for sharing, connection and conversation. 

Share your joys & concerns, as well as participate in the topic of the day.

All welcome!

And while you are at the building you are most welcome to do a little gardening or share in the produce when ready.


Sunday mornings 10:30 to 11:30

June 26-September 4


Westwood Unitarian: main floor.


This can only happen if a Westwood member or friend is willing and able to host. One person is needed each week :

  • open the building,
  • set out the chalice and candles,
  • provide a lead in for the discussion (help & suggestions available)
  • ensure things are put away and the building locked after.

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