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The CUC is hosting 4 upcoming Elder’s Circles – register soon

The term circle is commonly used by Indigenous communities (eg “Healing Circles”) but is not owned by any one particular group, including us! The CUC decided to use the term because it indicates a type of intimacy we want to emulate in our learning experience – it is not a workshop or curriculum, but a place to come together with an open heart and open ears.

The two Elders, Sharon and Stephen, are there to share with us what is on their hearts, and we are invited to listen. When it comes to taking action on a particular relevant real-time event, we may ask their advice as to what direction we could take.  Since we are working toward decolonizing, we felt it was helpful to build these relationships.
Sharon Jinkerson-Brass and Stephen Paquette both gave wonderful talks at the Fall Gathering and I heartily encourage Westwoodians to take the opportunity to attend one or more.
The first Circle, with Sharon Jinkerson-Brass, is January 20, 2021 at 5pm MT. Details at 
Contribution from Sally-Ann Mowat.
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