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Westwood Zooms Along

As most Westwoodians know from Sunday service attendance, Westwood Congregation is making great use of ZOOM web conferencing to extend our activities and interaction -while maintaining social distancing.

A quick look at the Web site calendar gives you to the time, a description and importantly – the link to join any of our online activities. 

To facilitate booking these interactions (beyond the 40 minutes available to all with their own free Zoom account) Westwood is paying for two accounts – besides that owned by Rev. Anne.   To book any Westwood related meetings using ZOOM please contact Terry Anderson or Mike Gallager (contact details are in the members directory).

The Canadian Unitarian Council is also sponsoring a number of ZOOM events including the upcoming Annual Meeting, coffee chats, music nights and more see  CUC Events .

There has been some concern about ZOOM web conferencing regarding privacy and encryption problems with this tool.  ZOOM is not the most highly secure program but it is one of the most easy to learn, most affordable and most reliable.  Some organizations have decided not to use this tool – opting for more expensive tools. Others – especially in the non profit sector are using it extensively.  We believe the tool is secure enough for Westwoodian purposes. In addition cases of “Zoom bombing” in which mischievous individuals join a meeting in order to interrupt it, have been very limited – and none have occurred during Westwood gatherings. 


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