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Westwood’s 30th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration

Join us for Sharing the Light

Come – enjoy ritual & refreshments, story & song!

The winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year, & marks the return of light; from the deepest darkness, we rejoice to see the days begin to lengthen.

Many cultures across time & around the world have celebrated the winter solstice as a time to bid farewell to the dark and welcome the ever-increasing daylight. Druids & Celts, Incans & Norsemen, Chinese, Japanese, & other East Asians including those Buddhist or Taoist, Ancient Greeks & Romans, & Pagans all have acknowledged this change as a rebirth involving rituals, festivals, gatherings and holidays. Judaism’s lighting of the menorah through Hanukkah was timed to coincide with the original Pagan solstice ceremonies of light. Neolithic farmers were the first to be attuned to the significance of seasons and celestial phenomenon. Winter Solstice is a celebration for all people.

Westwood Unitarian has held a winter solstice celebration every year for 30 years.

In our own venue for many years, Westwood’s Winter Solstice drew so many people that even holding multiple services, people were turned away. So – this is the 10th consecutive year we have held Winter Solstice in the beautiful ground floor atrium at City Hall. It’s also the 10th consecutive year the celebration has been led by Reverend Anne.

Feel free to copy & paste the information here to anyone you think would enjoy this event. Come early to be sure of a good seat. This event is very popular. The service lasts from 7:00 until 8:00, & the celebration continues until 9:00 pm. (We are very pleased to have Bliss Baked Goods again this year!)

Westwood fully sponsors this event ; each year, all money collected in a free will offering goes to a designated charity. This year, Suit Yourself is the recipient. Suit Yourself is a volunteer driven charity which distributes donated clothing to women in need who are entering or returning to a professional workplace.

Edmonton City Hall fronts onto Sir Winston Churchill Square; if you’re using GPS, the post code to enter is T5J 2R7.

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