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Westwood’s Compassionate Connections Update

Westwood members & friends & staffs are compassionately lively; visiting homes, hospitals, & long term care ~ healing touch ~ acknowledging family & pet losses ~ arranging & delivering flowers in a mug ~ helping with memorial service supports ~transporting to Westwood events & airports ~ acknowledging surgeries & confinements ~ assisting with moves & pregnancy ~ garden tending ~ advising on home repairs ~ listening to a significant loss ~ nourishing during recoveries.

  • 13 requests for support were responded to by 30 donors from the Compassion Bank.
  • 20 cards & notes were circulated, mailed & delivered by the card crew.
  • 23 compassionate supports were offered by the bank to
  • 48 members, friends & staff of the congregation.
  • 39 members & friends are currently registered as donors to the bank.

Compassion Connections has grown to partner Westwood’s natural congregational networks. As a congregation from candles, cards & our compassion log we collectively know more about what is needed. And many Westwoodians reach out independently. Knowing who may need attention is less of problem due to an active compassion grapevine which complements the discreet contacts of the minister & banker. Though there remains, yet, a growing edge for some folks challenged by how to ask for support.

Three key endeavours happened over the last year. An updated Terms of Reference for the program was completed. The number of donors for the bank’s card crew was expanded & a crew tips sheet was created to assist them. We circulated a program survey in February & received valuable feedback from donors & recipients. Highlighting comments, issues & suggestions for improvement as well as support for this program. Survey responses will form the program’s to do list for the upcoming church year.

The Bank welcomes new Cardholders, Visitors, Nourishers, Transporters, HandiHelpers & Special Offers.

For more information about deposits or to make a request for a withdrawal, contact: Sara, Westwood Compassionate Connections Coordinator.   compassion@westwoodunitarian.ca

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