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What’s Next – Final Session May 5, 2019

May 5, 12-3pm, is the home stretch!

~ Lunch will be provided at noon ~

Programming begins at 12:30 in the sanctuary.

In this session there will be…

  • A brief recap of the process
  • A reiteration of our goals
  • A report on “What I’ve heard you say so far…”
  • Recommendations for next steps … based on the report
  • An opportunity to speak to the report & recommendations
  • Time for congregational discussion & deliberation 

The board of trustees will follow your lead, and use information from this meeting to help focus the Westwood Annual Meeting on May 26.

Please do the following things in advance of May 5:

  1. Review the documents. One contains the notes from the fall workshops, the other has notes from the spring workshops. Both begin with a brief review – then continue with notes from all your hard work.
  1. Reflect on the following topics – so that we can make decisions about how to move forward:
  • Winter Solstice – what you would like to happen in 2019
  • Your comfort level – re: size of projects & financial investments,
  • Your availability – what are you realistically prepared to do, in the next 3 years? (Need a rest? please don’t sign up for a steering committee … Ready to share in leadership? please let us know!)
  • Your passions – where does your heart, spirit and interest live? 

If you are unavailable on May 5 – please send your thoughts or comments to the board, and they will bring them to the meeting. Board@WestwoodUnitarian.ca

Following this event – I’ll send a detailed summary to the congregation – and your comments & reflections will continue to be welcome.

Thank you for your thoughtful participation and your shared love of Westwood. Together, we are headed toward a thriving future.

Sincerely, Rev Anne Barker

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