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Zoom Appearance Tips

As Westwood moves into a summer (and Fall??) sessions of Zoom gatherings, you may be interested in the following appearance tips!  It never hurts to feel good about your self!

Here are some Zoom Beauty Tips :

  1.  Look to see where the camera is on your device and set it up so it is at your eye or forehead level.  That will mean putting it on a stack of books or cereal boxes or something but it will make you look great.  You are likely not at your best when we see your neck from below, or look up your nostrils, or along your stomach.
  2. Face the light. Be a sunflower!  But not too strong.  Often the best daytime light is a window – shining on your lovely face – not behind you (that makes you into a silhouette). But that light can be too strong and overwhelm your poor computer camera so you might need to dull it down a bit or use a table or floor lamp instead.  Overhead room lights will cast a shadow under your eyes and chin – not flattering, and side light will cast half your face into shadow – also not the best.  
  3. Clean the camera lenson your device.  We don’t usually pay any attention to the camera on our devices, but it works like any other camera and if the lens is greasy or dusty it will not be at its best. 
  4. Get close enough so that we can see you. That is the point of the whole thing – or we would just do this by telephone.  You don’t have to fill the screen but head and a bit of torso is great.
  5. If you are zooming in from a smart phone or tablet in a portrait orientation your zoom image will be very narrow.  Turn your device to a landscape orientation so you fill the zoom screen. You may need to angle the device a bit to bring yourself back into the centre.
  6. Create a free Zoom account, so that you can upload a picture of yourself that is displayed, when you want to take a break from the camera.app

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